The Things You Notice When You Slow Down

These days I have little choice but to move slowly. My recent past was very hurried and pressured. Like many people I rushed from activity to activity and place to place. It wasn’t until I had to slow down that I did. There are things you notice when you slow down. This is of significant … Read more

Why Aren’t You Married?

Baffling Question Sometimes people ask me why I am not married. I find this question to be as baffling as someone walking up to me and asking why I’m not wearing aqua blue? What is at the heart of this question? Is it a comment on one’s ideal-ness for marriage? Is it a question of … Read more

How Limits Can Save Your Life

Chronic Helpers Can Say “No” Recently I wrote a social media post about setting limits on accepting lunch invitations. It is my sincere belief and experience that at different stages in one’s career, lunch invitations can be detrimental, just as they were beneficial at an earlier career stage. My intent is to support professional/chronic helpers in … Read more