Turning Toward vs. Turning Away

Turning Toward Life presents us with many opportunities to either turn toward  people or turn away  from them. When we “turn toward” people we are making a conscious decision to engage in the relationship. When you turn toward you are listening, showing interest and asking questions. At its best, turning toward is a sign of … Read more

Confidence, Courage, Consistency and Cashflow

Entrepreneurship Lately I’ve had conversations with colleagues who are in various stages of their career, practice or business development. The themes center around some of the common attributes and challenges that are integral to entrepreneurship. Those themes are: A call to developing confidence; mustering and maintaining courage; the discipline and consistency involved with building a … Read more

The Value of Focus – So Much Action…So Few Results

So Much to Focus On Let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog, you are either focused on helping others; or you are focused on helping yourself; or both. You spend a lot of time learning and thinking about how to resolve the challenges of daily life. You’ve had the experience of adjusting  work habits … Read more