Writing My Blog Used to be Easy

Writing my blog used to be easy: I wrote about what was on my mind that week. Typically that centered around work. I was inspired by the discussions I had with supervisees or colleagues. The range of topics was always relevant to the subject areas I write about. Other times my blog posts were inspired … Read more

Is Private Practice Right for You?

Therapists in Popular Culture When I taught graduate students for over ten years, I had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of them about their career interests. The vast majority of them had some interest in private practice. They had visions of beautiful offices with plush expensive furniture and high hourly rates. Well I am … Read more

Writing a Blog…What to Share, When and Why

Writing a Blog I am not a writing expert. I am just a person who writes regularly. What I do know is that writing that pulls people in can be deeply personal. When you write effectively it will resonate with the reader. In some cases, it might feel like their very own thoughts. One of … Read more

Marketing for Introverts

Marketing Yourself and Your Services In my work as a clinical supervisor, coach, and consultant, I often receive questions about how to market one’s services. If you are not trying to obtain clients or business, think about marketing as something you do that involves expanding your relationships. We all need to have a network of colleagues and … Read more