Stop Running, Stop Fighting, Stop Freezing

What Do You Really Want? There is something that you want to do, be, have or create. It could be anything but here are some of the most common things people are trying to achieve: a loving lifetime romantic relationship; or an engaging and fulfilling career; or perhaps you want to start or build a … Read more

You are Responsible for Your Own Well-Being

You are Responsible for Yourself! It may be a difficult truth but it is a cornerstone of well-being…you are responsible for yourself.  As therapists, we are too often charged with helping others improve their self esteem or self concept.  The truth is that feeling good about one’s self takes time to cultivate. Some people view … Read more

Social Media, Technology and Well-Being

Generation X I’ve been diving deep into the world of social media for both personal and professional reasons. As a Generation X’er I still remember and value privacy. It was less than two years ago when I thought, “I don’t get it…why are people sharing with each other online and talking about personal things?” As … Read more