Harnessing the Power of Rejection

Harness the Power of Rejection No one likes being rejected. However, if you can learn to harness the power of rejection, it will absolutely change every element of your life. I don’t mean by becoming a sociopath who doesn’t care what anyone thinks or says or how they impact others. What I mean is by … Read more

Comfortable Confrontation

Comfort is not a Prerequisite Is anyone comfortable with confrontation? I don’t know. There are certainly people skilled at confronting others. But that doesn’t mean that they enjoy it or that they are comfortable. The truth is, if you are waiting to feel comfortable, then you are delaying and/or stunting the growth of important aspects … Read more

So You Want to Write a Blog

Some Things to Consider about Writing a Blog There are many reasons to write a blog. I think the best reason lies somewhere between the personal and the professional. Here are some considerations: Do you enjoy writing? Do you have something to share? Do you have a target audience? Do you have access to peoples’ … Read more

What Does it Mean to Be Strong?

What Does it Mean to Be “Strong?” More often than not “strength”  is in part defined by one’s independence. Their ability to rely upon themselves. This includes, but is not limited to the following: being financially independent; being emotionally stable…even at times limiting one’s access to their emotions. not seeking or needing support from others; … Read more