The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Your Strengths Will be Challenged For the most part, people who start their own businesses are optimistic. We believe that things will work out. Most importantly, we believe in our ability to shape our experiences. These are positive traits. They are strengths. What many don’t know is that owning your own business will challenge your … Read more

Learning to Live Without

Today I listened to an NPR podcast that was recommended by a colleague. It is not for those offended by profanity, so please listen at your own risk. What I can tell you is that it was so very engaging, sad and thought provoking that I listened to all seven episodes without stopping. I listened … Read more

What Does it Mean to Be Strong?

What Does it Mean to Be “Strong?” More often than not “strength”  is in part defined by one’s independence. Their ability to rely upon themselves. This includes, but is not limited to the following: being financially independent; being emotionally stable…even at times limiting one’s access to their emotions. not seeking or needing support from others; … Read more

For Those Who are Lonely at the Holidays

Loneliness and Isolation One of the therapy and life topics that comes up a lot for people (clients, friends, family and colleagues) this time of year is loneliness and isolation.  For many people their loneliness did not start at the holidays…instead, it becomes more highlighted this time of year. I have a few thoughts on … Read more