How Do You Feel About Being an Adult?

Why Do Some Therapists Find it Easier to Relate to Children? Whenever I meet Counselors who are reluctant about therapy with adult clients…I get very curious. Why do some find it easier to relate to children? I recognize that the nurturing and protective instincts play a part. In fact, that is exactly why some of us … Read more

Simplify the Holidays…

The Holiday Season It’s almost a clichéd topic…but still it is vital and relevant. The “holiday”  season brings many people to peaks of happiness and others to the depths of depressed mood and hurried anxiety. When we consider that “change” (both desired and undesired) increases stress, it makes sense that the holidays would induce many … Read more

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed or Taken Advantage of!

Giving, Pleasing and Perfectionism Yesterday I spoke with at least 5 people in various capacities of my work and life who are unhappy based on a very common triad: Giving too much; People pleasing; and Perfectionism These states of being are hazardous to our health and well-being. In order to stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and as if … Read more